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Miniature Indoor Greenhouse

Embrace the charm of our Miniature Greenhouse – a delightful addition to your windowsill that allows you to nurture plant or herb seedlings, or showcase your favorite Cacti and Succulent plants. Inspired by the historic speculariums of Rome and the classic Victorian greenhouse, this indoor version brings the beauty of gardening to any small space.
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Packaged Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 13.5cm
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Miniature Greenhouse for Windowsill Gardening

Introducing our Miniature Greenhouse, a space-efficient solution for cultivating your favourite plants or herbs right on your windowsill.
Delve into the history of greenhouse cultivation, dating back to Rome in 30 A.D., where the concept of growing plants indoors originated to meet the daily cucumber needs of the ailing Emperor Tiberius.

Experience the joy of gardening in a confined space with our Miniature Greenhouse.
A tribute to historical greenhouse traditions with a modern twist. Elevate your indoor gardening and decor with this versatile and charming addition to your home.


Material: Durable wood and plastic construction
Dimensions: 22cm x 13cm x 22cm
Removable Roof: Yes
Moisture Tray: Included
Ideal for: Windowsill gardening, displaying Cacti, Succulent plants


Classic Victorian Design:
Inspired by the elegance of Victorian greenhouses, our Miniature Greenhouse adds a touch of sophistication to your windowsill.

Indoor Gardening Solution:
Perfect for those without outdoor space, this Miniature Greenhouse allows you to start planting herb seedlings effortlessly.

Versatile Display:
Ideal for showcasing Cacti and Succulent plants, adding a touch of nature to your indoor decor.

Removable Roof:
Easy access and watering are facilitated by the removable roof, ensuring hassle-free care for your growing plants.

Moisture Retention:
Comes with a plastic tray to retain moisture, creating an optimal environment for seedlings to thrive.

Compact Size:
Measurements of 22cm x 13cm x 22cm make it ideal for the windowsill, maximizing space without compromising on style.

Durable Construction:
Sturdily made from durable wood and plastic, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Laquer Finish:
Now with a laquer finish, enhancing the aesthetics and protecting the Miniature Greenhouse for long-lasting use.