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Wooden Hedgehog Shelter House

In the Autumn hedgehogs will find a place to hibernate and start to collect leaves, grass etc to build their nest. But in many gardens, there's limited space for hedgehogs to nest safely. This hedgehog house is designed for hedgehogs to shelter, breed and hibernate inside. It will also help protect them and their babies from predators.

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Brand: CKB Ltd®
Tariff Code: 44201900
Barcode: 5060636005249
Minimum Order Qty: 4
Packaged Dimensions: 35 x 35.5 x 21cm
Packaged Weight: 1.500 kgs
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Carton Dimensions: 38 x 37 x 46cm
Carton Weight: 4.45kg

Wooden Hedgehog Shelter House

If you love to see hedgehogs in your garden then this is the product for you.
Place the house outside before October when hedgehogs like to hibernate.

Gives your garden hedgehog a safe place to hibernate.
Finding a safe and warm sheltered place to hibernate through the winter is of vital importance for hedgehogs.
This shelter will also help protect hedgehogs from Badgers and Foxes although it is rare for them to be prayed on.

Where to put the hedgehog house.
Find a sheltered, quiet area in the garden, out of direct sunlight, where it is dry and away from strong winds. Also, ideally, close to a bushy area to provide hedgehogs with shelter for when they come and go. These type of areas are where hedgehogs would naturally choose to shelter, so will increase your chances of hedgehogs using the house.

What to put inside.
You can encourage hedgehogs to move in by placing some dry grass and leaves inside as bedding.

The hedgehog house is made from firwood/pine wood and features a curved roof to help water to run off. 


Material: Firwood/Pine Wood.
Product Dimensions: 33.5 x 34 x 19cm.


Natural wooden hedgehog house with a firwood bark roof.
Name plaque for writing a name.
Double-depth of a normal size hedgehog house.