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Final Touch Beer Tasting Glasses & Paddle (6 Piece Set)

This complete beer tasting set allows the enjoyment of tasting multiple beers at once and the ability to choose which you would drink again.

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Brand: Final Touch
Tariff Code: 70133799
Barcode: 0886245005488
Minimum Order Qty: 4
Packaged Dimensions: 45 x 20 x 11cm
Packaged Weight: 1.2000
Carton Qty: 4
Carton Dimensions: 48 X 43 X 23cm
Carton Weight: 6kg
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6pc Beer Tasting Set

Taste Variety!

This complete beer tasting set allows the enjoyment of tasting multiple beers at once and the ability to choose which you would drink again.

The helpful Beer Tasting Guide includes information on glass, food and cheese pairing, serving temperatures and steps to tasting the beer.

The wooden serving paddle makes carrying the 4 mini taster glasses easy.

Makes a perfect gift for any beer lover!

4 assorted 1/2 taster beer glasses with a wooden serving paddle and a beer wheel guide to match with food.

Smartly presented in strong gift box.

This set makes a great gift for Father's day or any beer lover!

Experience beer tasting with this all-in-one set!

About the 4 Glasses

Wheat Beer Tasting Glass

Features a rounded top to help trap aromas and concentrate the head of the beer.
The narrowed centre helps to maintain carbonation.
Height: 180mm.
Ø: 73mm.
Capacity: 350ml (11.8 oz).

Pilsner Tasting Glass
A tall, slender glass.
The narrow base helps to maintain carbonation.
The tall slender profile captures the head and focuses the aroma.
Height: 175mm.Ø: 58mm.
Capacity: 250ml (8.5 oz).

Porter / Stout Tasting Glass
Curved to direct the important aromas and flavours to the top of the glass.
The glass is stemmed to highlight the darker colours of stouts and porters.
Height: 145mm.
Ø: 70mm.
Capacity: 250ml (8.5 oz).

Tulip Tasting Glass
This type of glassware is best for strong flavoured, malty craft beers.
The tulip shape traps the sweet aromatics produced by heavy beers while maintaining a lively head.
Height: 160mm.
Ø: 68mm.
Capacity: 250ml (8.5 oz).

Steps to Tasting

1) Pouring the Beer Gently pour the beer of choice down the side of the glass. Judge the speed of the pour based on the amount of foam being produced. Aim to have about a two finger head when you‘re done.

2) Appearance Before pouring inspect the bottle beforehand to see if, 6there is sediment at the bottom and pour carefully if you do not want that in your glass, or swirl if you do.

3) Aroma Since our nostrils and taste buds work together smelling your beer before tasting will give you the most information about your beer. Right after pouring lean into the glass and take a big whiff and note any aromas from the beer.

4) Take a small sip before gulping it down and take note of what you are tasting and when. Think about whether it is sweet, bitter or something else. Many beers transform in flavour throughout each sip.

5) Mouthfeel After the initial sip chew the beer and notice how it froths up. Then let the beer sit on your tongue and note if it mellows out or continues to be strongly carbonated.

6) Finish After you swallow note any lingering flavours. Write down everything you just detected to help remember your final conclusions before taking a second drink.


Packaging: Colour Gift Box with 2 x inner Card protection.
Material: Wood and glass.
Cleaning: Paddle: Hand wash only. Glasses: Dishwasher safe.
Included: Wooden Serving Paddle.
Wheat Beer Tasting Glass 350ml (11.8oz).
Tulip Tasting Glass 250ml (8.5oz).
Porter/Stout Tasting Glass 250ml (8.5oz).
Pilsner Tasting Glass 250ml (8.5oz).
Beer Tasting Guide.
Product Dimensions:
Paddle: H 15mm W 100mm L 455mm.
Wheat Beer Tasting Glass: H 180mm Ø 73mm.
Tulip Tasting Glass: H 160mm Ø 68mm.
Porter/Stout Tasting Glass: H 145mm Ø 70mm.
Pilsner Tasting Glass: H 175mm Ø 58mm.


Includes 4 tasting glasses: wheat, tulip, stout and pilsner.
Taste and enjoy a variety of beers at once.
Each glass features unique characteristics for different beers.
Beer tasting and serving guide included.